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Our fees are as follows:

The fee for a complete E-R-C, including pictures of subject, interior, and sales comparisons, is $650. Fees for a full appraisal report, prepared under Fannie Mae guidelines and including the following exhibits are noted below:

  • If you elect not to choose UAD on a particular order, please let us know when the report is ordered.
  • If it is added after the report is completed the pricing difference changes from a difference of $25.00 to a difference of $100.00, because of the complexity and time required to convert an already completed non-UAD file to a UAD file.

Select fees are as follows:

  • Fannie Mae Form 1004 (03/05) Single Family ...$375.00 w/UAD $325.00 W/O UAD (For FHA add $50.00) (AMC's add $50.00)
  • Fannie Mae Form 1073 (03/05) Condo/PUD...$375.00 w/UAD $325.00 W/O UAD (For FHA add $50.00) (AMC's add $50.00)
  • Land Appraisal Report (12/82) SnglFamSite.....$350.(non-UAD) (AMC's add $50.00)
  • Map, Sketch Addendum including rough floor plan, location map with subject property and comparable sales identified with all appraisal reports.
  • Construction Draw, Compliance Inspections from appraisals done on single family homes only 1004D form = $125.00 (AMC's add $50.00)

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